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Backdrop Rome Curved Display

backdrop-rome-3With so many printed product brochures, leaflets and other marketing materials out there, how can you ensure that yours will stand out from the crowd and actually be read by your potential customers rather than just dumped straight into the recycle bin? It’s a challenge faced by all marketers. It’s not enough to make your marketing materials look nice and fit with your branding, they really need to jump out against the competition so we have used our printing expertise to come up with some key ideas to help:

1. Create a great first impression

The first impression of your marketing materials will be created by how well designed they are. Having a great design shows you as a professional business which takes communication with its customers seriously and here at Essex Banner Printing we offer a full design service to help you with that.
Good design will combine your branding, with positive and creative ways to showcase your products and services, while making the most of white space and imagery. Don’t try to design materials yourself if you want to create a great first impression – use a professional design service.

2. Use amazing pictures

If you really want to stand out from the competition then use creative imagery. Try to avoid stock libraries as your customers will have seen the same photos in many other places within your industry. For a really unique, stand-out piece of marketing material, have a photo shoot and create your own unique pictures which really tell your brand story and will not have been seen anywhere else before.

3. Make it interesting to read

Once you have the design and imagery sorted out with your professional design service, you need to make sure that the content within the material is engaging and interesting. It’s no good having a beautifully designed brochure if the inside is full of spelling mistakes and jargon that your customers can’t understand.
The content needs to be well written and free from mistakes, so that it complements the professional design and leaves your customers wanting to know more about your business rather than laughing over your grammatical mistakes.

4. Really good quality paper

Make sure you choose the right paper for the type of item you are creating. If it’s a thick corporate brochure to impress high spending customers then you need it to have a heavy weight glossy feel when handled, whereas a money-off leaflet can be printed on cheaper paper stock. Think about the audience and what they will be expecting it to feel like. If you want to see a swatch book of types of paper or see some previous examples of work we have done for our customers just get in touch and we will be happy to send some out to you.

5. Completing the item

We can really help improve the appearance of your finished item with a number of printing and finishing techniques to make sure it has the quality level you would expect. From binding to cutting and from specialist finishes like gloss, embossing and Spot UV, we can really help to turn your marketing materials into creative literature to stand out from the crowd.

So, if you are looking to have an outdoor cafe barriers, premium roller banners or advertising banner flags, you just need to search for printing services near me on your phone and we will be there to help you for any kind of printing services.

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