Which type of material is best for your banner ?

Outdoor PVC banners are a great tool for promoting your business and getting a message out there. They are a versatile and easily portable tool and can be produced to pretty much any size you need them.

Plus when finished with high quality hems and eyelets they can easily be fixed to a multitude of surfaces and structures.

But which type of material is best for your banner? We offer both standard PVC banners and Mesh PVC banners. Which one you choose will depend on your where you want to put it.

Standard PVC Banners

As standard we print our banners on a 440gsm PVC. This provides a great all round solution. It is lightweight enough to be portable but strong enough to be durable in most environments. Our 440gsm PVC banners are:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Flame resistant to DIN4102
  • Printed with fade-proof UV based inks

Mesh PVC Banners

If you are putting your banner in a location where it could be caught by the wind then one thing you do need to bear in mind it could effectively become a sail! Particularly if you are putting the banners high up where they will be more prone to catch the wind, or for example on scaffolding then it may be better to use mesh PVC banner.

Mesh banner material contains hundreds of tiny holes which allow the wind to pass through. Being 25% open it provides an ideal combination of a printable surface that will also allow air through. This is an ideal solution if your banner is going in a windy location.

Another benefit is that the construction of the material also allows a certain amount of light through. Ideal if, for example, you are putting on a building and do not want to completely darken windows.

Our mesh banners are:

  • Printed on 340gsm PVC mesh
  • M1/B1 fire-rated to comply with UK and European fire safety standards
  • Printed with fade-proof UV-based inks

Being lighter than standard PVC these banners are also more suitable where the weight of the banner may be an issue, such as installation or the protection of the surface it is being fixed to.

If you are don’t have anywhere to fix your outdoor PVC banner to, we have an alternative solution with our heavy duty banner frames. They are made of 35mm diameter steel tubing and can be used either single sided or double sided. They come complete with bungee ties to fix your banners in, and of course we can supply them with printed banners included.

They are available in 3 sizes: 3 x 1m, 4.5 x 1m, 6 x 1m.

At Essex banner printing, we have all kinds of banners like advertising banner flags, posters, desktop roller banners to promote your business.