5 Tips for Producing an Effective Flyer

Let us set the scene: you want to promote your business, but your marketing budget is low.

You know that leaflets an inexpensive and highly effective way to ns advertise. Still, you’ve reached an impasse: you want to make your flyer stand out of the crowd, but you don’t know how.

So there’s a decision to make: do you hire someone to design your flyers, adding an extra expense? Or do you take the risk and do it yourself? There’s a third option: read this article get in touch with us!

At Essex Banner Printing we don’t just print great banners and outdoor print to get your business noticed, we have also been producing flyers and leaflets for many of our customers. Plus with our own design studio inhouse we can also help with the creation of your perfect leaflet.

Below are 5 essential features that can make your flyer stand out and take your business to the next level.

1. Title: Make it Memorable!

The title sets the tone for the flyer they are about to read. It is, alongside the design, your flyers first impressions – and remember you only have one chance to make a good first impression. You’ll want it to be short, centred and clearly visible.

2. Keep it simple.

Make it simple but significant, and remember that there is beauty in simplicity. This rule applies to the design and the copying – don’t overcrowd your flyer with a ton of text or countless colours. Instead, keep your content brief. The best way to achieve this is to have a clear idea of your main message and write it concisely. Focus on the essentials and choose a colour scheme that is pleasant to the eye.

3. Organise it.

Don’t expect the reader to go through long paragraphs of dull text. You want to make sure your target audience can read it easily. To achieve that, you should consider diving the information into different sections and headlines. Bullet points, section boxes, and infographics are also a great way to make your flyer easier to read and more pleasant to the eye.

4. Give them a reason to act now!

Many people depend upon a call to action at the end of the flyer to take the next step. The next step could be visiting your website, going to a specific location, or buying a product. Regardless of what your call to action is, make it recognisable, well-defined, and appealing. Having a strong “call to action” will increase your conversion rate and that’s the ultimate goal.

5. Make your flyer a keeper.

When you think about a flyer, you probably think of a cheap and quick way to convert sales in the short-term. Let me break this to you: there is no time limit for the effectiveness of a flyer. Believe it or not, some people pin up flyers on display at home or the office. Imagine creating a brochure today, and still collect the benefits from it a few years from now. But how do you achieve that? Well, all you have to do is combine the previous tips with an excellent quality paper. It will not only make your flyer stand out from the crowd but will make it durable.

Still need help?

At Essex Banner Printing, we offer a free consultation service to help you produce effective flyers. We will provide impartial advice as to the best paper stock and printing method.

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